Omega Wall Clock

Buying a large luxury wall clock like a Rolex Wall Clock or an Omega Wall Clock for your living room can be a daunting task if you want to impress your visitors and guests. Today, the wall clock is no longer a timepiece, but rather a creative interior decor piece that enriches the atmosphere of the room, whether in the living room, the office, the lobby or even in the kitchen. Omega is today one of the most innovative wall clock brands on the market. It places an undeniable emphasis on technical solutions that offer significant advantages for interior decoration.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Omega Wall Clock

Omega Wall Clock

The Omega wall clock you choose should complement the furniture you have in your living room. Large, bulky wall clocks would be nice if the room is spacious. It is suitable for a spacious country house and large apartments. However, if you have set up simple, angular furniture that represents the modern era, you need to choose a corresponding decorative Omega wall clock.

If you are going for a large wall clock, it is important to look at your living room. You shouldn’t give a clumsy appearance to your not so spacious room. The large wall clock is not the only thing you want on your wall. The size of the clock should correspond to the proportions of your wall. If you don’t have many wall hangings, you can certainly choose the larger ones. Do not place small clocks on such empty walls.

The color of the Omega wall clock must also be taken into account when shopping for the best Omega wall clock. You should have already decided whether the color should be dark, silver, or gold-toned before going to the store. A dark wall clock would just look great on a white or light wall. You would create magic with dark blue or black on such walls. Contrasts stand out on the walls of the living room.

Features & Benefits

1. Omega Constellation Steel Luminous Wall Clock

The Omega Constellation Steel Luminous Wall Clock evokes a modern aesthetic in its design. It features a durable stainless steel case and everything is covered by crystal glass with a modern quartz movement to keep you on time. The arrowhead indices in the crosshairs on the dial makes the pan dial even more pronounced. The crystal clear case gives you a clear view of its sweeping second movement. Additionally, it features a twin-barrel that keeps the amplitude more constant. The SI 14 silicon hairspring makes the watch robustly anti-magnetic. You can bank on this stylish wall clock to serve as a conversation starter decoration piece of your interior. The exquisite detailing on this clock will definitely add to the aesthetic appeal of your dwelling space.

2. Omega Constellation Gold Wall Clock

Made with premium materials, the Omega Constellation Gold Wall Clock will not look out of place even in a luxury boutique. The detailed finishing on its high-resolution images gives it an elegant look. The Roman numeral bezel is marked in black luminous dial, not just the markers and hands but the entire surface. Also, rose gold accents adorn its case as well as polished hour indices on its dial, giving it a stylish finish. The unique face design of this wall clock looks great and is sure to make the wall clock the centerpiece of your home, kitchen, or office. The Omega Constellation Gold Wall Clock looks larger than its actual sizing, making it perfect as a luxurious décor piece for a medium to a large room.

3. Omega Speedmaster Wall Clock

If you want to add a dash of elegance to your dwelling space, then you can bank on the Omega Speedmaster Wall Clock. It comes with the most inspiring story a wall clock can possibly have. It is not only story proof of its technical excellence, but it is also one of the most popular in watchmaking history. The dial is beautifully balanced along a vertical axis and you can split the dial for bilateral symmetry. Its handsome apertures are faceted for a step-down, from the matte metallic silver dial to the discs. The Omega Speedmaster Wall Clock can refresh and spruce up the blank walls in your dwelling space.

4. Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Wall Clock

A perfect fit for your modern space, this stylish wall clock has a simplistic design for a striking result. It features a stainless steel case with a bezel surrounding its black dial. What makes this wall clock unique is that the movement position hardly influences its amplitude. This means that whether the wall clock is vertical or horizontal, it does not affect its accuracy. It features a pleasant mix of polished and brushed sections throughout, giving it a stark contrast. The length of the lugs is well proportioned with the overall case size, so it will accentuate your living space.  

5. Omega Speedmaster Apollo Wall Clock

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo Wall Clock is one of Omega’s celebrated collections, which have been associated with lunar missions by NASA. Made of polished and brushed stainless steel, the case is a little understated by the chapter ring and white lettering to make sure you don’t miss the time. Also, the bezel features a tachymeter scale and the chapter ring marks split second and second intervals. The luminous UV markings make it easy to read the time, even in low light conditions. Due to its minimalist design, the Omega Speedmaster Apollo Wall Clock complements your existing home décor without overshadowing it.

Wall clocks reflect your personality, so when shopping for the best Omega wall clock on the market it is important to consider your wall, room, and furniture. This allows you to choose the wall clock that suits your interest and taste. What do you think about these elegant Omega wall clocks? We would love to hear from you in the comment section.