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Panerai makes some of the most famous wall clocks on the market today. As an innovative watchmaking company, Panerai is known for designing its wall clocks with a combination of modern technology and traditional artistry. Therefore, its unique and modish aesthetic signatures are very popular. We have summarized some of the coolest models on the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Panerai Wall Clock

The Panerai brand has been making high-quality watches since 1860 and has continued to develop new designs and technologies to bring their watches to the forefront of the industry. The company remains popular with watch lovers because it skillfully and constantly reinvents itself. As the name “Panerai” connotes these advancing efforts in luxury watch technology, consumers are ready to participate and counterfeiters are keen to benefit from it. To protect you from falling victim to a fake Panerai wall clock scam, we’ve put together these brief tips on how to buy the best Panerai wall clock.

At least at first glance, many counterfeiters have perfected the appearance of a Panerai dial. As with other aspects of finely crafted Panerai wall clocks, the devil is in the details. For instance, genuine Panerai wall clocks have “sandwich” dials, which means the luminescent green background that illuminates the markings of the wall clock is between the layers of material that make up the dial’s surface. A closer look at the numerals will reveal a layer of green stripes throughout the material.

Panerai is known for its incredible craftsmanship and it is its centuries of experience that guarantees the longevity of every Panerai piece. The smallest details that go into making the case are often overlooked by counterfeiters to save a few dollars in production costs. These are the details that you need to consider when shopping for the best Panerai to ensure that the model you are looking at is a genuine one.

The most obvious thing about a fake wall clock is the quality of the engravings. Panerai wall clocks are carefully laser engraved so that every number, logo, and word is clearly and deeply engraved on the metal. In a replica, the “engravings” were probably stamped with acid, leaving a grainy finish on the markings that fade and become illegible over time.

Features & Benefits

1. Panerai Luminor Wall Clock

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your Panerai Luminous on your wall instead of your wrist, look no further. Glow in the dark displays, cushion-shaped case, and a crown-protecting bridge - these are the characteristics of the Panerai Luminor. It has alternate Arabic numerals and long bar indices for the hour markers. The large numerals ensure optimal readability. This is even true in low light conditions thanks to the generous coating of the indices and the hands with luminescent material. It also has a sapphire crystal, polished bezels, solid case backs, and in-house calibers. This piece pulls together just the style you have come to love from Panerai.

2.  Panerai Radiomir Wall Clock

With this simple but elegant wall clock, it’s easier to stay organized and always on time. The Panerai Radiomir came into play when Panerai started using radium to illuminate the ocean beds during military missions. In contrast to the Luminor wall clock, in which the crowns have a trademarked protective shield, the Radiomir has an exposed crown. In addition to the shiny steel case, this watch also has a sapphire glass screen and case back. These offer a harmonized automatic movement and very precise time-tracking. Behind the steel-lid is the gray dial with Arabic numerals, luminous dots, and linear hour indicators. This finessed wall clock shows some of the finest craftsmanship that Panerai has to offer. With a stunning design that can be easily synchronized with any interior, your living room, office, kitchen, or meeting room would shine with this addition.

3.  Panerai PAM 642 Wall Clock

When it comes to luxury, the PAM 642 is one of the most famous wall clock currently sold by a luxury wall clock brand. Measuring 20 x 25 cm, the Panerai PAM 642 wall clock has a dial with Arabic numerals and a thick wooden base, in which the hours and minutes are shown through the brand’s distinctive baton hands. The dial also has a deep black nanotube with a velvety finish that is very light-absorbent. For excellent legibility in the dark, this wall clock also includes luminescent hour markers and hands. I think it is great if you have a seaside vacation home near the waterfront and looking for the epitome of a Panerai wall clock that complements your Panerai wristwatch when sitting on the sofa.

4.  Panerai Navigation Wall Clock

Inspired by the stylish Eilean lines, the Panerai navigation wall clock line – thermometer, hygrometer and barometer are reminiscent of the world of classic yachts. With its elegant and flowing lines, Eilean is an ideal example of beauty, authenticity, and love for the sea. Since its return to the water after restoration, Eilean has been equipped with several instruments specially created by Panerai, and they are the ones who have inspired all the navigation wall clock models.

Like the Eilean originals, the Thermometer, Hygrometer and Barometer wall clocks are crafted from 316L stainless steel, a low-carbon alloy that is valued for its high corrosion resistance, and they are 14 cm deep and 14 cm wide. They all feature black dials of instant legibility and great simplicity, carrying the indicators for displaying the relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and time. These metrics were once essential for all sailors and are still a vital resource for those who want to explore the classic taste of a bygone era in an era characterized by digital information.

In the past, timekeeping was very important for seafarers, as it provided one of the information to calculate longitude and thus determined the position and course of the ship. The need for a reliable wall clock on board has led to the development of increasingly precise marine chronometers that work flawlessly under adverse environmental conditions.

When it comes to watchmaking, Panerai has always combined Swiss technology with its Italian knowledge perfectly. This makes the wall clocks very functional and aesthetic pleasing at the same time. So, what are you still waiting for? Get a Panerai wall clock now!

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